First Joint Internet2 / DOE QoS Workshop: "QBone: Early Experiences and the Road Ahead"
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Proceedings of the First Joint Internet2 / DOE QoS Workshop
QBone: Early Experiences and the Road Ahead


February 9-10, 2000, Edwin Hornberger Conference Center, Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas

Sponsored by the Texas GigaPoP

Made possible in part by the Department of Energy through cooperative agreement DE-FC02-99ER25415

Internet2 QBone

Workshop Announcement

Keynote Presentation

Internet2 QoS Perspective and Plans
Ben Teitelbaum (Internet2)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

Experimental Network Evaluation Results

Requirements for a Bandwidth Broker Supporting High-Performance TCP Flows
Volker Sander (Argonne National Laboratory)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML)

Experiments with Differentiated Services at iCAIR
Brian Carpenter, Dilip Kandlur, Joe Mambretti (IBM and iCAIR)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

Bandwidth Brokers

The Siemens Bandwidth Broker
Rudi Stelzl (Siemens)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML)

GARA: A Quality of Service Architecture
Alain Roy (The University of Chicago)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML)

The Role of BB in Traffic Engineering
Andreas Terzis (UCLA)
slides (PDF), video (Real)


Internet HDTV and the ResearchTV Project
Terry Gray (University of Washington)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

QoS Demands of Large-Scale Scientific Visualization
Jason Leigh (Electronic Visualization Lab, UIC)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

Telemedicine at 70 MPH: One Application's Requirements for QoS-enabled Networks
Willis Marti (TAMU)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML), links (HTML)

Experimental Network Evaluation Results II

Delay and Delay Variation Measurements in a DS Test Network
Tiziana Ferrari (Italian National Inst. for Nuclear Physics / CNAF)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML), links (HTML)

The NASA QBed: A Prototype Differentiated Services Network
George Uhl (NASA Goddard)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML)

DOE Science Grid: Status, Testing and Tools
Joseph Burrescia (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

EMERGE Experiments and Results
Linda Winkler (Argonne National Laboratory)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

Keynote Presentation

A Host Vendor's Perspective on QoS
Yoram Bernet (Microsoft)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML), links (HTML)

Voice, Video, and Multimedia

IP DiffServ Architecture for Providing Voice/Video QoS Guarantees
Mario Gerla and Gianluca Reali (UCLA)
slides (PDF), video (Real), paper (PDF) (PS)

Objective Estimation of Video and Speech Quality to Support Network QoS Efforts
Stephen Voran and Stephen Wolf (Institute for Telecommunication Sciences)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML)

QoS Signaling and Middleware

Middleware Adaptive Management and Control for End-to-End QoS
Alia Atlas (BBN)
slides (PDF), video (Real), extended abstract (HTML)

Design and Implementation of QoS Enabled OO Middleware
Vishal Kachroo, Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Fred Kuhns (WUSTL)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML), paper (PDF)

QoS Architectures for Connectionless Networks
Stewart Fallis (BT Advanced Communications Research)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

New Directions

BB State Aggregation and Requirements for Wireless QoS Networks
Olov Schelén (Luleå University of Technology)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

QoS Services with Dynamic Packet State
Ion Stoica (CMU)
slides (PDF), video (Real)

Simple Interdomain Bandwidth Broker Signaling
Philip Chimento (University of Twente), Ben Teitelbaum (Internet2)
slides (PDF), video (Real), abstract (HTML)

Panel Discussion

What's Next for the QBone?
Larry Dunn (Cisco), Terry Gray (University of Washington), Russ Hobby (UC Davis), Ed Knightly (Rice University)
John Wroclawski (MIT), moderator
video (Real)

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